Are you ready to master your business plan?

We've all heard that you need a plan before you can expect to see serious results.  Id coaching is just a side hustle or a full-time role for you, getting one done and putting the proper attention to it will make the difference between making it or not.
It's an involved process that takes a good amount of time, but if you keep at it, you will have an easier time navigating through this new entrepreneurial adventure!



Have you ever thought, "A business plan sounds like a lot of hard work!"?
The good news is there are ten steps to guide you to write it out easily and quickly.
- Don't leave your business ideas behind. Taking the time now to do this will pay dividends: get the proper guidance, resources and support in place.
If you have already started your business, it's never too late to plan for success. It's the only way to ensure your business has what it takes to prosper.

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What you'll find inside 

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Dramatically increase your
Start-up success for your course, coaching program or membership sales with a business strategy and plan!

 The Toolkit includes every resource you need to COHESIVELY plan to sell your course, coaching program or service, including how to cut out the guesswork and get straight to consistently serving the people you were meant to serve.

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Enjoy a reliable, consistent flow of dream clients coming into your program or buying your course

Finally, get off the income roller coaster and truly enjoy reliable, consistent sales

Cut out the stress and overwhelm that prevents you from planning for success.

Dramatically shortcut your time wasted with unproven shortcuts and never-ending courses.

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Piece together your strategy and hope for the best

Pay a business coach an arm and a leg to teach you this strategy, and still feel like you haven’t a clue.

Create endless pieces of content that no one engages with anyways.

Sink a ton of risky ad money without a guarantee that it will be worth it or not.

If this sounds familiar

And you are simply looking for a straightforward step-by-step way to plan for a profitable business so that you can finally successfully launch or relaunch your business, getting everything right first time.

Then this is for you.

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Who is Kaidi?

 An ICF PCC Coach and CPCC - Kaidi has set up and run two successful coaching businesses. She is the Operations Director of a third Career & leadership Coaching Business. 

Kaidi has over twenty years of experience as a Bank Manager, helping business owners to borrow money and start their own business. 


Business Plan Guide

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