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Kaidi Bowen CPCC PCC 

Director Of Education & Coach 

At the heart of our academy is our Director of Education and Executive Leadership Coach, who brings over a decade of coaching experience and expertise to our team.

With a background in banking and finance, our Director of Education completed ILM training in the workplace in 2010, which sparked her passion for coaching. Since then, she has become an expert in the field of executive coaching and leadership development, helping countless individuals and teams achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

As a designer and facilitator of our training programs, our Director of Education brings a deep understanding of the coaching profession and a commitment to excellence to all aspects of our curriculum. She is dedicated to providing the highest quality training and support to our students, and her leadership has been instrumental in making the Passion to Coach Academy a recognised leader in coach training.

Kaidi's passion for coaching and commitment to helping others succeed are an inspiration to all who work with her. If you are looking to become a coach or enhance your coaching skills, we invite you to join our training programs and experience the transformative power of coaching for yourself.

Louise Cantrill 

Training Facilitator 

Louise Cantrill is a highly experienced Senior Level Business Leader and Coach with over 30 years of experience in HR consulting nationally. She has worked with organisations from all sectors and industries, ranging from managing multi-million pound strategic international accounts to working with SMEs across the UK. Louise enjoys building client relationships and creating a memorable client experience. Her specialist areas include facilitating, workforce transformations, engagement, networking, motivating individuals and organisations to reach their full potential.

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Jenn Paster Detmer MBA, ACC, CPCC

Executive Coach  & Facilitator

Executive & Leadership Coach,  Trumotivate® Facilitator

As a former Fortune 500 executive in pharmaceuticals, Jenn has led global, cross-functional teams that launched billion-dollar products, been the only woman at the negotiation table, and learned the art of saying “no and…” to the most senior levels of leadership. 

She has successfully helped, high-achieving leaders that want to feel more alive in their work. Through her work together, she helps leaders explore their inner motivations, hone their authentic voice, and utilise energy-building behaviors to create teams and organisations that are people-focused, fun, and successful.

Steph Robins

Executive Trainer and Coach CPCC

Steph is an experienced training facilitator at the academy who specialises in supporting senior leaders and high potential talent to define their authentic and unique leadership styles. She helps individuals gain clarity on their sense of purpose, identity, and strengths, which enables them to lead from a grounded and confident position, creating more certainty and flow in their work and relationships. Steph's coaching approach combines creating space for deep insights with accountability for simple, common sense action plans that drive progress and growth. She also provides consultancy for organizations on change, particularly for those seeking to future-proof their culture. With 20 years of experience in data science and consulting, Steph's work spans across large multinationals to maturing startups in retail, consumer goods, tech, and consulting. Her career evolution into coaching has allowed her to leverage her client relationship and operational skills in service of her clients' growth and fulfillment.

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Nicholas Woolley 

Wellbeing Coach ACC

As a facilitator at the Passion to Coach Academy, Nick Woolley brings over a decade of experience in education and a passion for supporting people to achieve their full potential. Nick is an ACC credentialed ICF coach and coach trainer, who founded his own coaching business with the aim of using the power of coaching to support individuals through transitions and change. With a focus on early careers, changing careers, and new roles and responsibilities, Nick  found that training people to use coaching tools within their roles enabled them to communicate positively and effectively with their colleagues and teams. Nick recognises the importance of being happy and mentally healthy in personal and professional lives, and believes that coaching is a great tool for creating a positive, happy life and empowering individuals to succeed in anything they want.

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