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Do you want to find your next role, not just any role, but a career that will help you feel fulfilled? If so, I can help.

Whether you sign up for my professional CV Course, or enrol for my Free emails series, with bundles of resources and career coaching, that will help you. Or book Career Coaching Sessions together.

You are in the right place if you want to advance your career, recover from redundancy or fast-track your job search. 

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If you want to create a CV that gets you noticed, you're in the right place. 

Competition is high for every vacancy, and you want to ensure you are short-listed. You can't afford to be out of work for long and miss this best opportunity:

  • Standout in the crowd with a concise CV, selling the benefits of hiring you. 

  • STOP your CV from being added to the No Pile without getting an interview - by missing essential keywords.

  •  Learn what you need to research to tailor each CV.

  • Take away the mystery of what to include and what to leave out, with step-by-step section instructions. 


Skip the endless hours of:

Wondering what to do next when you feel so deflated and you have lost your self-confidence?

Trawling the job pages only to find unsuitable vacancies. 

Falling into the trap of applying for everything, increasing your rejection and certainty about what you want next. 

Set Up Systems

Our career coaching gives you a road map to systematically prioritise what's essential, and gives you a sense of purpose.

Finding your next career move - which is the right role for you.

Market Your Skills

Most people find it hard to sell themselves when they are in top form. It's much harder after a job loss.

We provide prompts, categories, and reminders to enable you to market your skills.

Communicate with Employers 

We show you how to tailor applications forms, write letters and set yourself up on LinkedIn (Home of the Hidden Job market).

Ready to get started?

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Download your guide and start your next job search, prioritising your actions to keep your job search on track! Get the tips every job hunter wishes they had before starting their next role!

Hi there, I'm Kaidi!

My experience as an Operations Director and trainer of coaches, at a career coaching company, enables me to support you with clarity and certainty.

My passion is helping managers to bridge the gap between their dream careers and practicality.

Having experienced being made redundant whilst in a career I thought I had for life, I learnt the hard way the loss of identity, the impact on my resilience and the stress of finding the right role. 

Sending off CVs and hearing nothing back was a real killer. 

I designed this training to help others that are in the same situation that I had been in.

Make sure you download our freebies and stay in touch for free support, even if you are not ready for coaching.

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I have recruited thousands of staff in numerous occupations 

It wasn't so long ago that I was where you are now, and I know what it feels like to want to get the next role. 
Over the past five years, I've helped hundreds of people achieve results fast.
Working with Skylite Associates as Operations Director and Santander as a Bank Manager.

You're 3 steps away from transforming your career

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Choose Your Preferred Learning Style.

Join the step-by-step recorded course where you will cover everything included in career coaching, from CV Creation, to resilience and mindset training. All at an exceptional price. 

CV Self-paced Online Course

2. Work one to one with Kaidi.

Take the CV Training Course and develop your career potential, working with a tool-kit for success. 

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3. Get the next role that's right for you.

As your career coach, I will help you uncover your ideal career. I use the word "uncover" deliberately because I believe that the source of your career happiness is within you, like the seeds inside an apple.

The career coach's job is to help you uncover those seeds and plant them so that they can grow.

How? By taking you on a journey of self-discovery and introspection.

There are plenty of career discovery books out there, but what's missing is a human to guide you along, give you honest feedback, listening not just to your words but also to your emotions.

Book a series of one-on-one 60 minutes sessions. Meet once a fortnight.

Complete a discovery document - the start place of the coaching sessions, which provides in-depth information about your career goals and life ambitions.

Together we identify your strengths, values, and the things that give you meaning and purpose.

The primary goal of the sessions is to clarify what you want to achieve, and then help you to develop a personalised career plan.

In between sessions, we will agree on specific actions you have identified as the most important things you can do, to move closer to meeting your career objectives.

As your coach, I will challenge you to take action, that pushes you out of your comfort zone.

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"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."


Mini CV Course

If you need a professional CV to launch your career, this is for you.



Group Coaching

Do you have a team facing redundancy? I offer group coaching for up to 10 people at a session, covering CV, The Job Market, LinkedIn, Online Job Search and Resilience. 

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Signature Coaching 

Are you at a crossroads? Do you want life, career and confidence coaching in one? Are you thinking of going self-employed and want support? Then you need You Unlimited Coaching.

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Simon Knight - Director

"Kaidi has been an amazing business coach to work with over the last 2yrs. 

Having a wealth of experience, not just within the coaching environment but very much in business, she fully understands the difficulties and challenges that any new business faces. 

Kaidi has an understanding yet challenging way, which in turn holds me accountable to delivering on the outcomes of our coaching sessions, and has undoubtedly helped accelerate the growth of my business.

The fact that my business has grown so quickly is a testament to my time with Kaidi, sharing the day-to-day and longer-term difficulties and the many positives as we have gone on this journey together.

For those of you considering a business or life coach, or a coach for your business and its wider team, I cannot recommend Kaidi enough."

"I'd never considered the power of keywords before and have found this CV Course to be a game-changer!

I checked out the buzzwords and 'tone of voice" my favourite brands are using, and it entirely focused me in minutes, and gave me absolute clarity, especially regarding the opening summary.

It made me think of it as a marketing tool for me, and what I represent".

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