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Learn to Negotiate Like a Pro With The

"Top Ten Tips For Negotiation" Guide!


Plus, get instant access to a one-page negotiation quick guide, to use discreetly in meetings!    

Every Manager, Leader, Coach or Entrepreneur should have this guide.

Especially anyone who wants to start getting a better outcome from challenging negotiations.

These Ten Top Tips to Negotiating with power, will get you your desired outcome even when you are not feeling confident.

You will not only learn how to negotiate successfully, but you will also identify and understand the other party's motivations and interests better and be more likely to conclude discussions with a mutually beneficial outcome.

Negotiation skills will make you feel more attractive to potential employers. You will be in a better position to negotiate for pay or benefits like holidays and training.

You will love how confident these tips will make you feel in mediation, negotiation and difficult conversations.

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What the guide covers:  

 Negotiation is one of the 'Playing Big Tools' which makes the biggest impact for women.

Adapted from the original training by Carrie Gallant, J.D.

We help you explore:

What outcome do you want to achieve?

Why do you want this outcome?

What’s important to you about that?

What are the different ways you can achieve this outcome?

Developing Leverage

What really matters to you in the end, on which you absolutely will not compromise?

What are you willing to be flexible about?

What are some ways that you can meet your needs outside of this negotiation?

Which of these is your BEST alternative scenario to this negotiation?

Explore Your Value

What value do you have to offer in this negotiation?

Mutual Respect: Understanding the Other Party

What outcome do THEY want to achieve?

Why do they want this outcome? What’s important to them about it?

Who else is affected that will matter to the other person?

What really matters to them in the end, on which they absolutely will not compromise?

What will they be looking for you to do in exchange?

Get your guide so you can negotiate like a pro

Download the Ultimate Guide to NEGOTIATING Now 

Who is Kaidi Bowen?

Dream big, train well, finish strong.”

Kaidi Bowen, CPCC, PCC

Kaidi is an accredited, certified, Professional Leadership Coach who excels at helping motivated teams, groups and individuals in high performance cultures consistently deliver results.  Kaidi helps clients clearly identify and incorporate their values, set strategic goals and work toward achieving their highest vision with ease.  

She specialises in leadership and relationship development and management. She helps her clients set and achieve purposeful strategic goals.  She believes it takes the same amount of energy to create a big dream as it does to create a little dream.  Her clients dare to dream big. Learning to negotiate for what you want is just the start.