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The Essentials of Coaching

The UKCT Foundational Program offers a comprehensive one-day online course focusing on the essentials of coaching and its distinct advantages over other leadership methodologies. Participants will delve into the differences between coaching, mentorship, and traditional leadership, gaining clarity on when and how to apply each approach effectively within their organisations.

Course Highlights:

  • Coaching Skills using TGROW: Learn the TGROW (Topic, Goal, Reality, Options, Will) model to facilitate powerful coaching sessions, helping coachees to uncover insights and achieve their objectives.

  • Powerful Questions: Master the art of asking probing questions that cut to the heart of any issue, enabling a deeper understanding and encouraging self-directed learning and development.

  • Coaching Agility: Develop the emotional intelligence, communication skills, and adaptability required to empower others, fostering an environment where individuals can realise their full potential.

  • Designed Alliances: Discover strategies for building trust and setting the foundation for successful coaching relationships, ensuring mutual respect, and clearly defined goals and expectations.

  • 3 Levels of Listening: Enhance your listening skills to focus entirely on the speaker, moving beyond your own agenda to provide the level of support and understanding needed for transformative coaching.

  • Applying Coaching as a Leader: Explore how integrating coaching techniques into your leadership style can promote a more empathetic, responsive, and human-centric approach, benefiting both leaders and their teams.

This course is ideally suited for leaders and managers aiming to incorporate effective coaching strategies into their leadership toolkit, fostering a culture of growth, creativity, and empowerment within their teams and organizations.

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