£997.00 GBP

You Unlimited Leadership Coaching

Fundamental transformation takes time, but you’re not in this alone. Take a guided journey that includes personal development, confidence, well-being and career activities.

Each week in this coaching program, you’ll learn tools to change your life.

  •   Real opportunities to see YOUR CAREER differently
  •   Thought-provoking questions to explore
  •   Practical career coaching Tools
  •   An action plan to help you reach your career goals.
  •   Accountability to reach your goals.

You’ll also access all these training topics and choose your own. The program can be bought individually, or you can create a group

For a group with friends and pay as a group. Email me [email protected] 

Max 5 £250 pp ( no individual sessions) 

The Sessions Included: 

A coaching discovery session of 90 mins to learn about you.

Session 2: Let's quieten the negative voices in your head before we dive into the workbook 

Session 3 🎧 20 min visualisation and 📕workbook 

Experience a visualisation to meet your best self.

Session 4 🎯1 hours session 

Learn an alternative way to listen to feedback and praise, which will make it easier forever.

Session 5 ❤️ 1:1 Session

Coaching session to explore an alternative to self-discipline to reach your goals 

Session 6 🎯 one-to-one session

Let's explore your beliefs and identify where you are self-sabotaging your progress.

📹 35 mins training video

Session 7: We will incorporate the tools you learn in this video throughout our coaching.

📕 60-minute workbook

Session 8: Incorporate your values for a fulfilled and balanced life.

🎯 90 min session

Mind-map your future with six months one and 5-year goals.

🧩 1-hour session

Episode 9: Create habits for a complete and balanced life to reach your goals

*Program sequence may vary, but the content will be covered over eight sessions





What People Are Saying:

What do previous clients think?  EMILY’S STORY  Emily was a PhD graduate living in Cornwall, who had always planned to move back to the city to improve her employment prospects but fell in love and wanted to stay here. Her crippling fear of speaking in public was hindering her chances of getting work    Emily had limiting beliefs around her talent and capability after overbearing parents made her feel as if nothing she did was good enough    Her inner critical voice was rampant doing summersaults when she was trying to sleep    Hear fear f feedback from her peers was preventing her from publishing her expertise and she was stuck in a dead-end job    She had big dreams of making a difference in the world but was playing small    At the end of the program, this is what she said “I joined “You Unlimited”with Kaidi roughly once a month for a year and I can honestly say it was transformative. I started because I had a big professional development opportunity (a PhD ) however my lack of confidence was preventing me from progressing. The skills I learned from coaching really changed the relationship I have with my thought processes, enabling me to better identify negative self-talk and limiting beliefs, then develop healthier mental habits. The impact has been striking. I now take on more ambitious challenges and have better ways to cope with, and learn from, failure. I have also developed much more of an independent voice. The cherry on the cake is that I've started saying yes to opportunities I previously would never have considered - e.g. being interviewed on TV about my research. Without Kaidi's support and skills I would not have made this kind of personal progress and my research would be much less impactful. Thank you and I cannot recommend Kaidi enough”.