Alongside eight weeks of group coaching via zoom, this course includes access to the app-based programme, which has been designed by the leading expert in the field of Positive Intelligence (valued at $995).

This work synthesises the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and performance science.

The proven benefits of this course are:

  • Performance: You will learn to perform better while working less hard - similar to athletes "in the zone".
  • Happiness: You will feel less stressed, more at peace, and will be able to achieve consistent happiness, even in tough times.
  • Relationships: You will improve relationships with loved ones, colleagues and yourself. You will learn how to handle conflicts in ways that deepen trust and harmony.

If you want to read more about the app-based course, you can do so here.

A key to Mental Fitness is to weaken the internal Saboteurs who generate all your "negativity" in responding to challenges. Your Saboteurs cause stress, anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, regret, shame, guilt and unhappiness.

Learning to manage your inner judge and quieten the saboteurs who derail you will allow you to experience happiness and a level of contentment like never before. You will leave this course with tools you can use for life to manage negative emotions and quickly shift into a positive and productive frame of mind.

The positive intelligence assessment tells you how much time you spend in a productive state instead of a negative one.

A score of less than 75 indicates that you are not currently in a position to get the best results from your life. This course will help you improve that score - and give you what you need to keep improving it for the rest of your life.

Perhaps you are thinking... Will you get the same benefit from a group? Is 1:1 better?

The benefits of a group

Having space where you can show up and be who you are without judgement is one of the most impactful things you can do.

One thing that makes the programme so powerful is the group community that is included. Your cohort has access to a private space for daily support, which continues for 12 months. 

You learn so much about yourself from listening to someone else being coached and sharing their experiences - and there is something extraordinary about being in a space where everyone is sharing.

It is unusual to be exposed to that level of honesty in a world where most only share their highlight reel, and it is great to know that you are not on your own and that other people feel the same and have the same to work to do as you. And then you have those people support you as you do the work.

This programme accelerates results by using the collective wisdom of the group. The group element is an addition to the benefits you would get doing this on your own - and results show you are 4x more likely to complete the course and reap the benefits when you do it in a group format.

Being surrounded by a group of people with a common purpose of feeling better and creating a life that feels amazing makes attendees unstoppable. It will make you unstoppable.


What People Are Saying:

I found the PQ training so valuable, I would highly recommend it. Having a mental fitness programme was so intriguing and something that I have now built into my everyday life. It helped me to support positive habit building over short periods each day with the guidance of the app. I also found that it allowed me to develop a mindful curiosity about myself and a framework to overcome challenges (Saboteurs) that had for years, been holding me back. The app is so easy to use and with the support of my amazing coach Kaidi and my Pod I was able to stay on track and feel motivated to complete the 6 weeks.

Kate Nokes

£997 Price per individual - 30% discount for groups

A 30% discount is available for Teams of 4 or more. Team Re-Energised Pod group can be a maximum of six people. We can take twenty people through the program at any one time.

With us as your local coaches, larger organisations over twenty will be managed by Positive Intelligence. 

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