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Essentials of Workplace Coaching

Welcome to our impactful workshop "Essentials of Workplace Coaching".

This insightful course is made up of a blend of three 90-minute online and in the workplace learning modules that delve into the fundamentals of workplace coaching.

By incorporating this training into your current regimen, we believe that your team, and its managers, can become more effective in their roles and help foster a culture of continuous learning and growth through coaching. 

Course Delivery Method

The Essentials of Workplace Coaching Course is delivered through the UKCT Zoom facility to enable online interactive working sessions.

Assessment and Certification
Participants will be assessed through a final exam. Upon successfully passing the exam, participants will receive an “Essentials of Workplace Coaching” Certificate. 

Create a Thriving Coaching Culture In Your Organisation

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Whats included in the program ...

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Course Overview


3 x 90-minute live training sessions (for up to 12 delegates)

1 x Pre-Certification Exam per delegate

Additional 1 hour 1:1 live coaching sessions are available at an extra cost of £200 per hour session, per delegate.

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What You'll Get


By enrolling in this course, you'll receive:

  • Access to online course materials: Engage with interactive lessons, case studies, and multimedia content designed to deepen your understanding of coaching concepts.

  • Expert support: Receive guidance and support from experienced coaches and mentors throughout your learning journey.

  • Certificate of completion: Upon completing the course, you'll receive a certificate recognising the achievement of each delegate.

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Session One: Introduction to the Essentials of Workplace Coaching


Our initial 90-minute session will delve into the fundamental concepts of workplace coaching. Participants will receive an interactive, downloadable workbook designed to consolidate learning throughout the engaging training session. This session will include:​

  • Distinguishing between Coaching, Mentoring, and Training

  • Exploring the benefits linked with Coaching as provided by the International Coach Federation (ICF)

  • An exploration of the TGROW model, including practical breakout rooms to provide an initial practice of the TGROW model

  • A facilitated Q&A segment

Following this, there is a homework exercise where participants will engage in a values exercise, which can be an effective introductory technique to coaching.


Session Two: Utilising TGROW in The Workplace


Building upon the learnings from the first session, the second 90-minute session will deepen the understanding and application of the TGROW model in the workplace. Specifically, this session will emphasise

  • Effective feedback methods using SBI & Boost models, including practical exercises

  • A practical session using TGROW and a coaching wheel

  • Development of crucial listening skills for effective coaching

  • An informative introduction to Ethics, Bias, and Values in coaching

To embed this learning and to enhance development following this second session, we recommend delegates spend a minimum of 10 hours 'Practice in the Workplace', using their newly acquired tools and techniques. 

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Session Three: Implementing & Evaluating

The final session will be concentrated on fine-tuning and enhancing the acquired coaching skills while tackling common workplace hurdles. This session will cover:

  • Expanding the TGROW model with Evaluation and Review elements

  • Mastering the art of courageous conversations to overcome objections

  • Confronting limiting beliefs in the workplace and powerful coaching questions to support where needed

  • Formulating an Action Plan

  • Conclusive Q & A session

Online Course

Follow-Up & Coaching Sessions


To embed this learning and to enhance development, further individual 1:1 coaching sessions are available at an additional fee. This provides:

Enhanced learning retention: Through individual coaching, delegates can internalise the coaching techniques and concepts more effectively, leading to better retention and skill development 

Personalised feedback and improvement: Individual coaching provides an opportunity for delegates to receive tailored feedback on their coaching skills and progress, allowing them to identify specific areas for improvement

Adaptability and support: As delegates navigate the complexities of their role, individual coaching helps them develop resilience and adaptability while providing guidance and encouragement throughout the learning process 

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Course Outcome


Upon completion of the ‘Essentials of Coaching in the Workplace' course, participants can expect a comprehensive understanding and practical proficiency in coaching techniques applicable to their managerial roles. Here are the key learning outcomes tailored to managers:

  1. Understanding of Coaching for Managers: Gain insight into the relevance of coaching in a managerial context, the distinctions between coaching, mentoring, and training, and the importance of coaching in fostering employee growth and development.

  2. Proficiency in the TGROW Model: Develop the ability to apply the TGROW (Topic, Goal, Reality, Options, Will) coaching model in management-level coaching conversations to effectively support problem-solving, decision-making, and goal-setting.

  3. Effective Feedback Skills: Develop techniques for providing and receiving constructive feedback in a coaching setting, leveraging tools such as the SBI (Situation, Behavior, Impact) model to maintain a supportive and positive coaching environment.

  4. Mastery of Powerful Coaching Questions: Acquire a range of powerful coaching questions tailored for managers, designed to steer the coaching conversation and uncover insights that support team development and goal achievement.

  5. Ethics, Bias, and Values in Managerial Coaching: Explore ethical considerations specific to a management context, as well as the impact of biases and the importance of values in fostering an inclusive and unbiased coaching culture.

  6. Active Listening for Managers: Refine active listening skills to better understand your team members' perspectives and provide appropriate support, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of coaching in the workplace.

By mastering these learning outcomes, delegates will be better equipped to create a culture of continuous growth and improvement within their teams, leading to a more engaged, motivated, and productive workforce that thrives under dynamic and solution-oriented coaching.

Transform Your Organisation With A Coaching Culture

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and create a lasting impact on your team's success. Enrol in the "Introducing a Coaching Culture" course today and unlock the power of coaching in your workplace.

Course Investment


To secure your spot in the course and start your journey towards creating a coaching culture, click "Complete My Purchase" 

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