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Financial Wellbeing Course

Financial Well-being - 90-Minute Webinar

Empower Your Team with Our Financial Well-being 90-Minute Webinar

Welcome to our comprehensive 90-minute webinar on Financial Well-being - a transformative journey created to empower your team with the knowledge and skills to excel in their financial world.

A team that is financially healthy is more focused, confident, and productive. By investing in their financial well-being, you provide a comprehensive understanding of money, enabling them to make informed decisions, reduce stress, and contribute effectively to the organization's success.

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Course Description

A business meeting

What Your Team Will Gain


Through this webinar, your team members will learn how to:

  • Understand the role of psychology and mindset in making sound financial decisions

  • Cultivate healthy financial habits for long-term fiscal stability

  • Conduct a thorough banking review to ensure they're making the most of their accounts

  • Comprehend credit scores, their impact, and ways to improve them

  • Make informed borrowing decisions by understanding various debt options

  • Build robust savings plans for personal security and peace of mind

Corporate Work

90 Minute Module Breakdown


1. Money Psychology & Mindset: Discover how our beliefs and attitudes toward money impact financial decision-making and how a positive mindset contributes to overall wellness.

2. Financial Habits: Learn about effective financial habits for staying on top of income, spending, and saving, leading to more satisfaction and stability.

3. Budgeting & Saving: Empower team members to develop realistic budgets and adopt practical saving habits that align with their goals.

4. Understanding Borrowing: Demystify the borrowing landscape, discussing different methods of borrowing and their implications for personal finances.

5. Credit Score Insights: Understand what credit scores mean, how they're calculated, and steps individuals can take to improve and maintain healthy scores.

6. Banking Review: Learn how to optimize banking services to ensure the best fit, contributing to greater satisfaction and reduced stress.

Invest in your team's financial well-being and reap the benefits of a happier, more focused, and more productive workforce. 

Book an in-house webinar and start empowering your team for a brighter financial future today!

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