Hello! I am Kaidi Bowen

Coach to Executives, Leaders & Founders 

Leadership Trainer and Workshop Facilitator 

My Mission is to create a more connected workforce
by introducing 

coaching  to 

creativity, and contributions.


Kaidi Bowen is an expert on women’s leadership and well-being.

Kaidi is the creator and teacher of the "Be A Rare Diamond" Women's leadership program for women and A trained Playing Big Facilitator for Leaders, managers, and mentors. She is a Co-Active Training Institute certified coach with a background in High Street Banking Leadership and Hotel Management. She lives between Swansea and Cornwall with her husband and dog.

Leadership Testimonials

J. Paster Detmer, MBA, CPCC

Creative Synergy

Kaidi is a generous, thought-provoking, and transformative coach.  She immediately established a relationship of trust that allowed me to access the deep (and sometimes dark at the time) places within me, resulting in powerful learnings and resilient, lasting choices.  As a result of our time, I am now the architect of my own life and how I experience it.  Within our coaching relationship, I deepened my understanding of who I am as a leader and further embraced my own style as an executive at a fortune 500 company, left that company on a high note and started my own successful business, and now live a fulfilling life as a fully present mom, wife, leader, wife, and friend.  It's the greatest investment of time and money I have ever given to not only to myself -  but to my teams, my family, and my friends.



If you are looking for a compassionate, grounded, yet a no-nonsense expert in coaching and training, then Kaidi is the woman to talk to. She leverages her experience from over 2 decades managing financial services and developing productive team cultures to deliver relevant and engaging courses and coaching sessions. I worked with her to deliver coaching training to Devon and Cornwall Police Service, and Kaidi created the training content and materials and delivered the sessions to 200 members of staff. She can effortlessly hold the room, developing rapport while delivering expert content and advice. In addition, Kaidi is an intuitive, kind, yet effective co-active coach helping her clients deal with life's big challenges and pushes them forward. 

I used Kaidi to help myself, and my business hit a goal and help understand how my inputs can achieve the desired output. She was amazing. Helpful, available and professional, nothing seemed too much effort for her, and it was delivered in a hugely coherent and empathetic way. I can’t recommend it highly enough

I believe that 

everyone should have the opportunity to experience coaching.

And overcome challenging life and work situations with support. Let me show you how to break through limiting beliefs that will open the doors to what's possible for you with a coach by your side.

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