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Welcome to a sanctuary of self-discovery and transformative leadership - your first step towards a more fulfilling, vibrant life. Are you feeling cornered in your career, uncertain about the path your life is taking, or grappling with the intricate dynamics of leadership? In this space of warmth and non judgemental acceptance, those struggles can metamorphose into your most empowering victories.

Discover the Strength Within

Our journey together will not just acquaint you with answers; instead, it will introduce you to strengths you never knew you possessed. Imagine harnessing that newfound power to reinvent your life direction, create new career enhancements or master the art of compassionate leadership.

A Journey Together

As an established and certified International Coaching Federation (ICF) Life and Leadership Coach, I am here to facilitate this transformative journey. Together, in partnership, you will find this journey both liberating and illuminating, showcasing a world where the perspectives are endless, and the possibilities are limitless.

A Warm Invitation to You

What if this could be the turning point, the moment you chose to unlock a future full of potential and abundance? I invite you to explore this possibility - a possibility where you do not just exist but truly live.

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Kaidi helped me look at the same situation from various perspectives and articulately explained various models and theories to underpin my leadership practice

I am a Director in the NHS, and I have received external coaching with Kaidi, and it offered me time to really reflect on my leadership style - gaining greater insight into what it must be like to be on the receiving end of me. I was also able, with Kaidi's support, to further develop my coaching skills to play to my team's strengths and help them to be the best leaders they could be.

Kaidi helped me look at the same situation from various perspectives and articulately explained various models and theories to underpin my leadership practice. Having tools that I could actually use in my senior leadership role was invaluable.

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Kaidi to anyone wanting to better understand their values, priorities and impact as a leader.


I have been working with Kaidi for over a year. The coaching interaction has been second to none.

I have enjoyed every minute of our coaching sessions. The tools Kaidi has shared with me have massively helped. The time spent has been hugely beneficial. In general, every session has been of great value and has helped me. I can't recommend Kaidi enough. 

Kaidi has a great deal of experience and knowledge both professionally and in her life experience which has helped me transition to being self-employed from a corporate career.

She has supported me to navigate through my business growth to the successful business strategy I have in place today.

J. Paster Detmer, MBA, CPCC

Creative Synergy

Kaidi is a generous, thought-provoking, and transformative coach.  She immediately established a relationship of trust that allowed me to access the deep (and sometimes dark at the time) places within me, resulting in powerful learnings and resilient, lasting choices.  As a result of our time, I am now the architect of my own life and how I experience it.  Within our coaching relationship, I deepened my understanding of who I am as a leader and further embraced my own style as an executive at a fortune 500 company, left that company on a high note and started my own successful business, and now live a fulfilling life as a fully present mom, wife, leader, wife, and friend.  It's the greatest investment of time and money I have ever given to not only to myself -  but to my teams, my family, and my friends.


Our Most Popular Courses For Entrepreneurs 

KICKSTART - The Confidence Toolkit for Entrepreneurs

Kickstart your confidence, overcome your fears, and watch your business thrive with our newly designed "Kick-Start Confidence Bundle". This specially curated collection addresses the issues that entrepreneurs like you face - juggling fears of public speaking, managing public opinion, building relationships, and expanding your business.

This bundle has been tailored to empower small business owners, creators, and entrepreneurs. Learn new ways to interpret feedback, gain tangible methods to overcome fear, build rapport confidently, and effectively deal with various business situations. It's all about rewiring your brain to function with skyrocketing confidence that guarantees huge leaps forward for your business growth.


MONEY MAKEOVER - The next steps to grow your business.

Introducing the ⭐️Money Makeover⭐️ - your ultimate guide to mastering financial management as a business owner! Drawing from years of experience as a bank manager, mentor, and CPCC-certified coach, I've compiled the most effective strategies for taking control of your money and achieving financial stability.

As someone who was once overwhelmed by running a business, I've turned my valuable lessons as an Operations Director into a comprehensive and user-friendly resource for business owners facing financial roadblocks. The Money Makeover program ensures you work not only in your business but on it to guarantee long-term success.

The program has a 14-day money-back guarantee: Dive in risk-free with our commitment to your satisfaction


Support For Coaches  


Make your journey to unleash your full potential as a coach easier - our comprehensive CTI Certification Support and ICF Mentoring & Supervision programs.

As a certified coach, I offer holistic support whilst you are obtaining your CTI certification - from understanding coaching fundamentals to preparing for the certification exam. My hands-on approach will empower you with the required knowledge, skills, and confidence for your coaching journey.

Let's work together in painting your coaching journey with the colors of success and passion!



Unlock the key to Coach success with our comprehensive Business Coaching, together with expert Mentoring program designed explicitly for coaches like you.

Navigating your coaching business journey can be daunting. I step in to make your journey smoother - through in-depth sessions tackling strategic coaching supervision and support.

While mentoring guides you through overcoming challenges, leveraging opportunities, and crafting robust coaching strategies.

Your passion combined with my mentorship has the potential to create wonders in the coaching world. 


Our Coaching Packages 


Unearth the leader within you with our tailor-made Leadership Coaching program. Whether you're aiming to ascend the career ladder, lead your own enterprise, or nurture a high-performing team, our program has been designed with your growth in mind.

Our expert leadership coaching goes beyond conventional theory, focusing on the practical skills and mindset shifts necessary to inspire and motivate. We foster an empathetic yet driven approach, transforming you into an influencer who can push boundaries and catalyse change.

Discover your leadership style, enhance your decision-making, and build a resilient personal brand under our guidance. Ignite your leadership journey now and make a powerful impact in your organisation and beyond.



Introducing our One-to-One Confidence Coaching program, specially designed for women. Embrace your full potential and break free from self-doubt with our personalized coaching sessions.

We focus on empowering you to conquer your insecurities, unleash your inner strength, and thrive in all aspects of life. Our program adopts a holistic approach, aligning your personal and professional aspirations with newfound confidence.

Benefit from our expert coach's individual attention, honing in on your unique challenges and goals. Learn to assert your worth, make your voice heard, and step into your power confidently. Embark on this journey of self-discovery and transformation, and watch as you metamorphose into the confident woman you've always aspired to be.



Enhance your managerial skills and pave the way for the next steps in your career with our custom-built  "Coaching for Managers" program. Individuals in managerial roles often grapple with the responsibilities of leading powerful teams while maintaining career progression.

Our holistic coaching offers practical tools to improve your leadership style, interpersonal skills, strategic decision-making, and much more. We help you gain clarity on your career goals and navigate the path to achieving them, all while bolstering your managerial capabilities.

Whether you dream of a significant promotion, a radical career shift, or mastering your current role, our program provides the support you need. Reach new career heights and witness transformational growth with our Career Coaching for Managers program.


Why Choose To Work With Me?

Personalised Approach:

My coaching programs are tailored to your unique needs, goals, and circumstances. I believe that coaching is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and I am committed to providing you with the individual attention and support you deserve.

Proven Results:

My clients have achieved remarkable breakthroughs and transformations in their personal and professional lives. I have a track record of helping individuals like you overcome obstacles, make empowered decisions, and create meaningful change.

Deep Understanding of Mid-Career Challenges: As a coach specialising in individuals in their 40s and 50s, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with this stage of life and career. 

I am here to navigate this journey with you and provide the guidance you need to thrive.

Safe and Supportive Environment:

I will work with you to create a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore, reflect, and grow. Our coaching sessions are confidential, and we provide a supportive environment where you can openly discuss your aspirations, fears, and dreams.

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