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UKCT was created to offer affordable coach training to Managers looking to reignite their passion for leading teams through transformational change.


Welcome to the forefront of coaching excellence where ambition meets expertise. At UK Coach Training, we cater to a diverse client base—from executives at the helm of global banking giants to visionary small business owners. Our mission? To elevate the art and science of coaching skills across leadership and management roles.

Redefining Professional Growth

We're not just trainers; we're about revolutionising coach training. Our distinctive approach blends cutting-edge neuroscience with down-to-earth, practical coaching techniques, all meticulously tailored for the ever-evolving demands of the business world. Whether you're looking to hone your leadership skills, foster a culture of continuous improvement, or empower your team to achieve greatness, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Expertise Meets Experience

What sets us apart? Our trainers aren't just trainers they are coaches themselves certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF)—they bring rich corporate backgrounds and a wealth of real-world experiences into every training session. This unique melding of theory and practice ensures that you're not just learning to coach; you're learning from coaches who have successfully walked the path and transformed organisations through their own leadership journeys.

Embark on Your Coaching Odyssey

Dive into an immersive coaching education experience with us and unlock the potential within your teams. Discover the transformative power of expert coaching tailor-made for the vibrant tapestry of today's business environment.

Ready to Elevate Your Coaching Skills?

Explore our services or reach out to us directly. Begin your journey towards empowering excellence today.

Our Services

Our Programs

Our programs are designed to provide every level of coach training from basic to advanced coaching skills not just teaching the art of coaching but sharing our passion for what we do. We help professionals in various industries. We offer a range of specialised courses to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. We also create bespoke courses for organisations branded to their requirements, blended with their ongoing training schedules.

Neuroscience in Confidence Coaching

This free program delves into the application of neuroscience in coaching to enhance leadership and decision-making skills by improving confidence in individual leaders. It covers the latest advancements in brain science and their practical implications in professional coaching. Guiding us to understand ourselves more to achieve new results.


Learn to tailor coaching techniques to suit the dynamic nature of business environments. The program equips professionals with the skills to navigate challenges and drive growth within their organisations. Empowering teams to reach their potential.

This is our most popular course for Banks and organisations

Executive Leadership Coaching

Our specialised program focuses on empowering executives with the coaching tools and methodologies essential for effective leadership in today's competitive business landscape. All our coaches are CPCC (Certified Co-Active Coaches) & PCC (Professional Certified Coaches) with the ICF - International Coaching Federation

Professional Development For Career

Explore our coaching program designed to foster professional growth and enhance performance across various roles and industries. Develop the expertise to drive your  career as a Specialist Career Coach .

Team Mental Fitness Coaching Solutions

Discover our team coaching solutions tailored to enhance collaboration, communication, and performance within organisational teams. Drive synergy and productivity with our specialised programs. In partnership with Positive Intelligence.

ICF & CTI   Coaches Support Services

Our comprehensive support services cater to the specific needs of coaches, providing them with the resources and guidance necessary for delivering impactful coaching interventions. CTI Certification and ICF Mentoring Services

Student Testimonials

“The coaching programs at UK COACH EDUCATION have been transformative, equipping me with the skills to thrive in my leadership role.”

Michael Johnson
CEO of Global Ventures

Digital art exhibit

Ready to Elevate Your Coaching Skills?

Take the next step in your professional journey with our expert coaching programs. Explore our diverse range of courses and unlock your potential as a high-impact coach.

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